Genius Ideas That Should Exist Everywhere – Part 1

Lots of ingenious ideas and inventions exist around the world. Let’s take a look at some genius inventions that should be implemented everywhere! Part 2: …


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  1. Gum paper? Most of the gum l ever chewed, the wrapper has 'save wrapper to put gum in after use'. Everybody throws it away ( l'm guilty) and then gets rid of the gum wherever. People should save the wrapper(but most likely won't) instead of making special requests paper.

  2. Bro the shopping cart escalator has been in Miami Walmart for twenty years. The toe-pener has also been around mostly in hospitals also have an arm variant. And the tv screen in the bathroom is also in Dave n busters in Jacksonville FL and shopping cart calculator has been around for about twenty years as well. In fact they don't use them anymore because they break and now you have a dead calculator on your cart and with the increase of smartphones there's no need

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