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As we head for the 20s we’re looking back at the BEST Got talent auditions of the DECADE from all around the world! Let us know what your favourite audition …


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  1. Bin bestimmt nicht die Einzige die sich fragt , welche Menschen den Daumen nach unten klicken ? You Tube muß das Ändern damit alle sehen was für schlaue Menschen das machen !Spreche für mich selbst und ich habe sehr viel Intresse welche gescheiten Leute es sind ?

  2. Many people see someone blind and has autism and they think poor him, he can't do much…well Cody just proved everyone has a talent blind, deaf, add,adhd…does not matter. Everyone has a talent you just need to find it. Good job Cody it's people like you that make life worth living. We need more like you on this world.

  3. Tell me there is no God in this world and you look at Cody who's blind and autistic but one hell of a singer and piano player God may give him disabilities but he also gives them talent he made a game obstacles in life but that boy doesn't know the obstacles and he's proved that and what he has done God loves that boy and one day he will sing and cuddle ask him to sing to him.

  4. Among the many staged gimmicks was Simon's insistence that Jonathan decide whether to go on as a single and to drop Charlotte.

    It's like, " Now that you're old enough, it's time to get rid of your sister.". Making someone CHOOSE when it never occurred to them they would have to is just cruel and that emotional quandry is part of the "SHOW"… It's why when you hear that other celebrities have a difficult time working with Cowell, you shouldn't be surprised.

  5. Whew. Wow. Um. I just watched the most powerful, true, soul searing dance between a man, and a woman, that I've ever seen. I was almost embarrassed to watch it, because it felt like I was being intrusive, and had accidentally interrupted an intimate, highly charged, scene between two lovers. I felt it, in my soul, and I'm a bit shaken, from it, right now. It's because the dancers, were feeling it, too. You can see the woman's body is marked from their struggle, afterwards. She seems triumphant and exhausted, spent from her fight. But unconcerned about any wounds she may have. Just like life will mark us, if we're really living it. We all have battles, and we all get wounded. But, we are still alive, and we can still love, after we've won those battles. It's worth the scars. So, never be ashamed of those. They are your Badges of Courage, and Valor. They are your Purple Hearts, awarded for having been wounded, in battle. If you were ever puzzled by people who said, "There's a thin line, between love, and hate." Then, you should no longer feel puzzled about it, after watching this. You can feel how that can be, and understand it, after watching them dance. That dance told how it is. It told about everything we feel in life, and everything we feel in love, when we are brave enough to love a man, or a woman. When we love, with all we have in our bodies, our minds, and in our loving hearts, and our tender souls, and we are willing to fight for it. We may end up being marked from the fight. But, it won't matter, because if we have fought hard, for our love, we will be triumphant in it. That's the Dance.

  6. Cody Lee, warms my heart, every time. He warms it so much with his presence, and his music, that he thaws away the ice that was forming there. A hazard, of living in a cold, hard world, with cold, hard people. Until, as run off from the thaw, tears of happiness, and joy for Cody, begin to drain from my eyes. As I listen to Cody sing out the music that lives in his warm, loving heart, I can feel my own becoming warm, once again.
    That's what the Cody's of the World, do for us. They keep us from freezing to death, and growing cold, and hard, from the ice that's formed, in our hearts, and in our souls. They keep us warm.

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