The Amazing Chase

Jack Thompson set out to ride the 2021 Tour de France route as fast as he could. 3552km divided over 21 stages, chasing down the pros on his way to Paris.


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  1. I don’t understand; if he could catch them why can’t he beat them?
    Are there qualifications that he can’t achieve?
    I’m new to road biking. Just a casual bikepacking observer here lol. Forgive my ignorance. And ty for helping me understand the greatness of what was done.

  2. I can relate fully to Jack, I had a problem with drug abuse and was a street intrenched heroin addict after loosing my pro skateboarding career. I since have become a Cat 1 bike racer on the road, but see myself doing more ultra and more Ultra Gravel rides especially, I am very lucky to have sponsor support for most of these rides but I will never suffer like I suffered in addiction. So when I suffer on the bike I feel like its a privilege to suffer while doing something so fun in some beautiful areas of the world.

  3. Amazing athletic. Amazing achievement. Though the story telling and the doco is a big let down.

    Could have done in several different ways to make it a much better film. The guy already done all the hard work. When was the last time u seen this kind of doco and the athletic doing the talk and narrative instead of focusing on his journey (joy/pain/emotion). All we see is him whining for 30 mins in a tone that seems it was a big mistake doing this and im glad it's over. Never again.

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