Mercy Chinwo – Amazing God (Official Lyrics)

In celebration of MM1’s birthday, EeZee Conceptz proudly presents two amazing songs Suddenly & Amazing God in a Double Sing release by Mercy Chinwo.


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  1. At times we might get discouraged and totally feel that we lost our only chance of being part of God's wonderful family. I don't know who you are but I just want you to know that God will never look at how bad you have been in the past when you kneel down and genuinely ask for God's forgiveness. The devil wants you to give up. But you shouldn't! God is ever ready to accept genuine repenters. Always remember that God loves you and is ever ready to accept you❤️

  2. I want to say, as always and usual high quality, heart warming, easy to catch on the very first time… But I know everything is grace, so I thank God for her voice, keeping great sounds and quality in their studios and the Godly spirit inspiring the songs. This keeps me wanting to pray more and more, reading the Bible more and more, to have that relationship with the Lord. I smile everytime I listen to her songs, I move and dance all around, so Thank Lord. Be blessed and your name always High above the universe for everything you provide for her as she provide for us and for all the workers in the Studio. You deserve all the praise Lord, we love you, we are so grateful. Their voices really move my soul. So beautiful harmony.

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