Girlfriend's FIRST Time Watching 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' (Movie Reaction)

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  1. I disliked this movie so so much! Spider-Man is one of my favorite characters and part of that is because of he has the best villains. And the portrayal of Electro but especially Rhino & Green Goblin we’re just soooo sooo terribly disappointed. It’s like let’s take really great character some of which have already been portrayed on screen and make a worse version of them.

    Green Goblin has always been a favorite character of mine and this was just so cringey for me to sit through.

    And I wasn’t the only one to feel this way because I worked at a theater when this movie came out and at minimum of 2 people and at maximum 50% of the audience walked out around the same point in the movie (which was just slightly prior to the 3/4 mark) every other showing. Which validated my own feelings about the movie.

    I don’t think it all is bad though. The stuff with Peter, May, and Gwen were really strong points. But even that couldn’t save it for me. Just so so much about it I disliked. From then ruining great villains to the giant plot holes that I couldnt over look. I mean Gwen dying is the best part of the movie and that is pretty sad. Also Andrew Garfield did a decent job but for some reason I thought he was still way too cool to be Peter.

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