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The term metalworking covers a wide range of work from large ships and bridges to precise engine parts and delicate jewellery. It, therefore, includes a …


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  1. Bet most of the people get paid for Piece work! The more you do, the more you make! Unfortunately, if someone starts to work at these places, they will only get paid the bare minimum! I know this, because I have worked at a plant where people could do SIX times faster than me, cause they had been doing their job for years! Takes a while to get to that speed!

  2. Some people change fast work with good work. Good work needs time, experience and skill, nothing of this was Seen in this video. No hate against the people, they give for sure they best, but there wasnt a really challenge. In my opinon the only "pros" have been the guys with the stairs. But you have seen that woork Tool some rewally time.

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