This Game Is Amazing – Hot Wheels Unleashed

I was excited to say the least for Hot Wheels Unleashed, being a huge hot wheels and racing game fan. You shall be pleased to know this game live and even …


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  1. @failrace no it´s not not in its current state…. i can´t belive so many peopel are hypeing this so much so many issues with this game man.
    multiplayer is very very basic means you cannot even play with friends and matchmake with others
    heck you cannot even start a public lobby so you can use your created tracks.
    cars are unbalanced as hell < specialy in multiplayer
    this is actualy kinda fun for 3-5 hours den its done in its current state.

  2. The loot boxes are not as bad as they could be. That's damning praise. Why the f##k are there lootboxes in a full price game? There's no need for them. Even if you can't buy them with real money, the only purpose they have is to mess up your progress by artificially extending the grind. Either by having you pay more for individual car unlocks or giving you duplicates which are sold for less. All while normalizing their existence in the meantime. It's not FIFA bad, but that doesn't mean it's good.

  3. I picked up the game a few hours ago — First unlock was the 24 Ours – Fucking love it. But I want a few of the others purely for the cool-factor (like the 56 Ford and the tow truck).
    The game is beautiful and it does seem addictive. I'm on Medium difficulty and it has times where I can walk teh competition, and times where I fight to be in the top 3. It's actually challenging while still being fun.

  4. Okay I need this game. I just glanced over at the screen, and saw the Viper Strike track piece! So seeing as they have the iconic track pieces, means research was done, I definitely need it (brings me back to when I was in middle school playing the online Hot Wheels game). Plus I'd love to see how much of my collection is in the game (like I see the shark one, that car seems to constantly make a come back, I have one from a kid and one from an adult)

  5. I'm amazed by the visuals! It's a Milestone Srl game, and I'm used to those being very fun, though looking about 10 years out of date. They've demonstrated to me that they really care how their games play through Gravel and Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo, so I'll drfinitely be picking this up.

  6. I don't mind the twitchiness of the camera, however for me its really not high enough. It also seems far too arcadey, even for a tabletop racing game. Does look stunning, but Split Second Velocity is about a much arcade as I can take in a racing game. I'll still get it, but only via GamePass or when its had a reasonable discount.

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