The Power Of Time – Part 2

Let’s check out the amazing power of time. Suggest a topic here to be turned into a video: Subscribe for more! ▻ …


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  1. Wear on coins gradually reduces the height of the raised details….it obviously doesn’t or can’t really shrink the details to a smaller size! While it was cool to look at the coin that the old man kept in his pocket for decades, it is bogus to suggest that the woman’s head depicted on the coin shrank to a more petite size over the years lol. The unworn comparison coin used to show the difference between it and the worn coin ARE NOT EVEN THE SAME COIN! The worn coin is a Peace Dollar, not a Morgan Dollar as the video suggests. So, like I said, it is cool……but not entirely truthful

  2. @BE AMAZED, YOU post some really great videos like this one here, and yet you seem to prove over and over that integrity for what you do is extinct as you bash people, things and places. If you dont consider yourself decent, intelligent or kind, I won't either. Good bye BE AMAZED subscription, I am above your callous brand of broadcasting.

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