AMAZING Private Rear Room!! 2022 Catalina 293QBCK

2022 Coachmen RV Catalina Legacy Edition 293QBCKLE Private L-Bunkhouse Travel Trailer with Camp Kitchen & Convertible Rear Room! See & Learn More …


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  1. Hits:.
    Good layout in a sub 30 foot box
    Great cargo capacity!
    Couch, not theater seating. Much better for families.
    U shaped dinette.

    Slide-in access… Rack and pinion slide aside, it doesn't work if you can't put the slide out in storage.
    Black tank capacity:. 30gal isn't enough for a family. Needs to be 50 to be useful for a week.
    12V compressor fridge. Only an advantage with full solar or shore power connected. 2 way propane is still the better option in my opinion.

  2. 1:35 I had to stop here and comment. Thank you for explaining that 1/2 ton tow-ability doesn’t just apply to the weight of what you’re pulling. The length, height and tongue weight matter. Many dealerships just want you to buy and leave. This is one of the most contested trailering points out there. So many people get butt-hurt if you say their 1/2 ton isn’t up to the job, but it’s all about safety. For the ones towing AND those around them. Thanks again, Josh!
    Edit: Also, you can put a MUCH bigger TV in this!

  3. I’m crazy about all the storage in the bunk room! Personally, I like having a place to hang some longer clothing. For instance, one of our first trips years ago in our tent trailer included a wedding the first weekend out and a wedding at the end of the week. Thankfully, our ancient trailer had a rare closet!
    Also, I love the “converta-cubes” as we now have adult children and newborn grandbaby who could use that room together without disturbing the dinette.
    If I had my ‘druthers, I’d do without the carpet and the floor vents down the walkway.

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