Secret Service Tactics That Are INSANE

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  1. I can vouch for how much they look for online and 2018 when I was paid of was paid a visit to separate times by times by a group of 2 different people each time from The Secret service over shit talking on Twitter and Facebook and just basically the Internet both times there was roughly 45 minutes of the interview and they came in with a folder about an inch/ inch and a 1/2 Thick Manila envelope and it had my face fully blown up so they could see who I was and person on the front of the 1st page inside of the folder inside was pretty much every fucking thing I had ever looked at looked up sad and everywhere I'd been on the Internet and it was extensive and then there was another folder that was classified that I wasn't allowed to look at but I'm assuming that was probably the stuff that got me black flagged on the Internet and OK I still haven't stopped talking shit but Refined exactly what I knew I could and could not Anne could not say so far so lucky I have not been approached by secret service or anybody else over shit talking on the Internet sense

    Now here's my warning to you be very careful with what you say on the Internet even just right here on YouTube any threats at all on the life of anybody really important like the president or vice president house or senate member governor anything afranything a threat is always a threat but when it's to one of them it's an extremely dangerous situation and they don't fuck around so don't even joke about it but but hoping for our wishing for our 2 different things just remember that I hope that helps and no I'm not making this up it really happened if you ask for proof what proof can I fucking give you they didn't even leave me a card so take it for whatever you want but that's my story and that's what happened my wife actually thought It was funny because she was always telling me to stop trolling and talking shit online thank God we're no longer together and I'm still talking shit online and still keep getting banned off of Facebook like I am right now lol have a good day

    If you have any questions just ask me I get notifications anytime anybody ask me so I'll try to comment and answer any questions please don't go overboard I don't want to spend the next 3 weeks answering every fucking question

  2. Stop with the social distancing garbage. If blm can riot, and the CDC says, no, that's not a "super spreader", cause the virus apparently knows when there's fake oppression to combat. I guess the virus is bought and paid for by the democrats, like all our alphabet agencies, and msm.

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