HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED IS AMAZING! But Is It WORTH $90!?! (Texture Glitches!?)

HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED IS AMAZING! But Is It WORTH $90!?! (Texture Glitches!?) | TC9700Gaming Subscribe to Me: Welcome to …


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  1. So so first off I do think that maybe a glitch or it may just be something that will show up once the game releases

    I'll be honest I never played any hot hot wheel games when I was younger

    I think the only racing game I could ever commit to and be dedicated to where the Nascar games for a long time NASCAR 04 stole my heart then '05 came out then 06 came out we're not going to talk about 0708-09 and the rest of the franchise

    I there was a sports car game from like right up around the early 2000s on PlayStation that I loved it was on PlayStation 2 I loved it

    But I also love games like Forza I need to rebuy Forza because I have no idea what

    Why did my game and then I fell in love with the MotoGP games

    I want to see MotoGP games I mean dirt bike side

    I think it was the mxgp games actually I absolutely fell in love with the first game mainly because I got the race when my idols

    And then you have reflex these are games that I I was always into

    I do remember when I first got my PlayStation 2 I didn't have a memory card and I played NASCAR 04 and I just left it on because I didn't want to lose my saved data

    And I got mad at everyone who would turn it off cuz it was the first racing game I was actually good at

  2. Another arcade racer…. yawn ! … bout a few of the original cars😎 ( so many circus vehicles 🙄) But how can you hate HW…. I grew up playing with the original 16 & then watching my two boys do the same with the 1990s Hot Wheels vehicles & have a blast ! Thank you TC 🙂

  3. From what i've seen from other youtubers (Namely Failrace). It's a fantastic game, great handling and physics, track creator is expansive, livery editor is great and difficulty is just about perfect. The only bad thing about the game is the way you unlock cars.

  4. It's definitely worth it imo, personally I haven't had any issues so far and I'm loving this game I bought the 90$ purely becuz Hot Wheel games are Rare so I was like I don't care I'm getting everything it has to offer. Bit biased there but idc I love hot wheels

  5. Lol. The Hot Wheels racing drone from Hot Wheels acceleracers is a long back memory that i love to see. Makes me wonder if they are going to add and of the good guys cars or the silencers cars and to top it off what if they add some Battle Force 5 cars that will get some attention! That's not even mentioning that the Hot Wheels acceleracers racing drone is in its actual colors! It's great to see someone think about it at the hot wheels team!

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