Abraham Hicks – Turn Your Life Around Using This Amazing Process

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  1. Brilliant. Thank you. We are here to awaken from the illusion of separateness. Having said that, I think the reason that everyone who has been listening to this material for years and making little or no progess is because they are still plagued by beliefs and unresolved issues from their childhoods. If simply thinking happy thoughts was the answer, all of these people would be happy and successful. Freudian talk therapy is problematic, but it also works when you have memories that can be retrieved and addressed and resolved with a therapist. However, many people are carrying around trauma in their bodies at the cellular level that they have no memory of. If you have no memory of the trauma, you cannot access it with the frontal lobe that is engaged with Freudian talk therapy. On this subject, I defer to the brilliant Besel van der Kolk, especially his book The Body Keeps the Score. I think you need to clean your own house of the "contrast" that you experienced in whatever ways you can using whatever resources available to make room for the good stuff to come in. This is my opinion based on my own experiences. Again, thank you. Have a lovely day everyone. : )

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