I Bought A BROKEN Marshall Cabinet (and it sounds AMAZING)

I recently bought my first Marshall 4×12 cabinet, but its broken. In today’s video I try to repair the damaged cab and see how its sounds, spoiler alert…it sounds …


What do you think?

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  1. I need a sound-proofed basement is what I learned from this …
    (I have had suitable practice places over the years and there's nothing like not having to worry about how much volume, other than the sound quality … But, not having a 'Loud' space at the moment is so saddening … 😪)

  2. That cabinet is actually a Marshall 1960TV (for tall vintage) not the slant cabinet from the Marshall 40th anniversary "Hendrix"stack. Those cabinets have a different grill cloth and the 1965 Marshall block logo, no wheels and it has a 2 piece open down the center back. Those are some of the best sounding Marshall cabinets ever made, yours is most likely from the early to mid 1990's. Great video Rhett!

  3. I would remove the L-Brackets and buy a piece of 2 x 2 lumber from Home Depot and use it as a cleat, glued on both sides along the bottom joints of the cabinet. You might as well do the same on the top joints of the cabinet, even though the joints look OK for now. If you use a good quality wood glue, the repaired joints will be stronger than the wood itself.

  4. It looks like the ply on the sides and bottom is fine, it's just the glue that's failed. Assuming it's ¾″ ply (difficult to tell in the video), buy a piece of ¼″ dowel, if it's actually ½″ ply you'll need ⅙″ dowel.

    Open the joint, clean out any old glue, and apply new glue to all the surfaces. In this case, construction adhesive (e.g., Loctite PL Premium) would do a better job than wood glue as it will expand to fill any gaps.

    Use some ratcheting tie down straps, one horizontally around the case just up from the bottom, and one vertically around the case just in from the side so you're not applying the force to the actual corner, but to the wood adjacent to the corner. Don't crush the box, just make sure the joint is snug.

    Carefully drill along the joint from the front and the back as deep as the drill bit goes, so you're drilling through the middle of all the tabs in the finger joint. If your dowel isn't pre grooved, use a nail or something to gouge some grooves along the side of the dowel (to allow excess glue to escape), apply glue to the dowel, and gently tap it into the hole with a mallet. Once dry, cut it off flush. to the surface. The joint is now mechanically locked together.

    For the loose brace, you could use pocket holes to reattach it to the baffle.

  5. Even if the box seems to sound good it could be wise to check the speakers. I once bought a second hand Crate 4×12 with Celestion S-50's that had been damaged much the same way as yours. It had been "repaired" and seemed OK but I decided to unscrew the speakers and have a look. Found out that the impact had been so hard the speaker magnets had been bent downwards in it's metal attachment. When playing the speakers individually there was audible voice coil rub on two of them and the other two was rubbing when pressing lightly on cone sides. Since the top plate of the basket was bent, there was nothing to do about it; I scrapped them.

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