Aerosmith – Amazing (lyrics) [HD]

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  1. This song brings me peace🙏, but it also brings me sadness😢so many emotions when listening to this song🌸this is my favorite song of areosmith🎶i have attempted suicide in the past💊then came across this beautiful song🌸🌎🎶❤i dont think id be here if it wasn't for this song!thank you areosmith❤this song is a gift from god🙏i wish you all peace and happiness🌍GOD BLESS YOU ALL!🌎

  2. Losing my grip and hitting the floor found myself homeless 1200 miles away from home. Death was upon me. I reached for LIFE. Wisdom is the spirit of Life that dwells in Mama species from earth to the air to the sea to the Mama who gave man life. Not the other way around. No man has water no rooster has yoke. Jesus comes to steal he and other gods. Wisdom give and takes life. She is AMAZING

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