30 Minutes Of Amazing Machinery & Most Admirable Worker Ever Before #5

30 Minutes Of Amazing Machinery & Most Admirable Worker Ever Before #5.


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  1. Amazing examples of a total disregard for health and safety in the workplace. It's a miracle that the majority of the workers still have most of their fingers. Obviously 3rd world because in my world (Europe) these work practices are illegal and this is why cheap products from the 3rd world are destroying out economies , if a worker loses a hand, well there are always more waiting for their chance to earn a crust to eat even if it costs an arm and a leg.

  2. There is nothing admirable about these machine and these jobs, they are stressful, monotonous, frustrating, put the piece, take the piece off, fast, faster, you see a moment in the video but it's like that all day, the end of the day you wonder who you are, and where they will go to finish all those pieces, technology feeds itself. After the 2009 crisis I stopped my job as artisan blacksmith, and I worked for 4 years with metalworking firms, I was really unhappy, thank god I found the strength to get out of it.

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