12 Most Amazing Archaeological Finds

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  1. Yes it is a Mystery. Who would Tiberius ll build a church named "To The Glorious Martyr" to? He was known as a Christian. Instituted a cross be placed on coins struck in his likeness. In which his crown even has a Cross. Also give he was a Byzantine Emperor and they were Orthodox Christian. The only churches at that time being built to Matters were to Jesus the Christ. History substantiate that. I don't mean to seem snippy but when something is a Historical fact why seem vague about it.

  2. Stop with the little interruptions of video clips that have nothing to do with the subject. Jim Carry, is an asshole whom I would never equate to ancient anything, other then dino dung… These modern clips do nothing to further your narrative. Stop it. I like you content, when it is truly something new, but a lot of your videos, just recycle the same thing done by about a billion other YouTubers… I am still subscribed but not for long if I see, crap like Jim Carry or things not related to the subject, I my abandon you…

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