#66 COFFEE TABLE: Make a cement Coffee Table in your Garden | Amazing Idea

I used cement to make an S-shaped table. I cook jelly with Magenta plant, very suitable for summer, very cool and sweet to eat. I wrapped the cake with dong …


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  1. You have got a lot of skills. Maybe it all just naturally comes to you from watching your relatives and friends build things. Same with all the different plants that you can eat. Eating the crabs and chicken, beef and pork from home. You're very resourceful. Plus you're so young, too. Plenty of time to enjoy your free life. It also comes with loneliness at times as well. You'll work that out in the future. You're just busy showing your creative mind and physical labor to people. You're doing great, too.

  2. you are very good at selecting the correct plant to eat. I do not know which wild plants are healthy. I am a good builder and chef and I can grow vegetables but I do not have experience with wild plants. Bạn rất giỏi trong việc lựa chọn đúng loại cây để ăn. Tôi không biết loại cây hoang dã nào tốt cho sức khỏe. Tôi là một nhà xây dựng và đầu bếp giỏi và tôi có thể trồng rau nhưng tôi không có kinh nghiệm với cây rừng. Good Job 👍🏻🐔

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