Jem – It's Amazing – Official Video

The official video for Jem’s first single ‘It’s Amazing’, as heard in Sex and the City the movie and the Julia&Julia trailer, from her new album Down To Earth.


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  1. Hey there, Jem! Actually, YOU are amazing! My good buddy Christomir from Bulgaria turned me on to you a few years ago. I play piano, and the piano in this is SO LOVELY and so is your sweeet voice! Thank you, dear! I'm your newest viewer and subscriber! Love and greetings from Omaha, NE USA!!! 💖💖

  2. Which none humans disliked this beautiful gift of music? Do y’all care to explain why? Bet these negative ppl are hell bound! I bet you repel the angels sent in your lives as well. Anyways, God bless you @jem for this divinely inspired piece. It is amazing and I believe your amazing too! 💎

  3. Hola Guapa Jem Cantas lindo hermoso los Amo Gracias Adios yo Tambien soy Madre lindo hermoso Video 💖😍😘 que Dios. 🙌 los Bendiga Siempre su Familia y Amistades Abrazo desde Chicago Yo Siempre Veia La Programacion de Jem en mi Niyes 🌠😍😘🌚👏💃🌈🌠🎹🎺🎤💘🎵🎼

  4. It's so funny that I found this because (1) I'm listening to a bunch of Jem songs all of a sudden because I heard Just a Ride somewhere and I loved it so much and (2) I'm also trying to learn Bahasa Indonesia- like as in I just started trying to learn it last week- so it's really fun and educational to try to figure out what all the comments mean. cinta dari amerika! hopefully that's a valid sign-off in bahasa indonesia 🤞

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