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  1. Imagine somebody is gonna jump out of a window and you are going upstairs to stop him, but you see stairs that you have to open and close this way, and since the guy is going to jump, he is gonna be jumping from atleast the third floor so just going thru this alot of times is not pretty

  2. I notice the dirty feet on the Robert Robot's patient? Which is amazing because my brain's natural tendencies led its first stop to Howard Wolowitz. Saw his feet though, and thought shirker! He's just trying to get out from his wife's honey-do list. Brilliant!



    Following these thoughts to there logical conclusions




    There may be a fatal flaw in this

  3. 1. Water spray to the nose not fun 2. Looks like it will eat you 3. Cross stairs, super dumb 4. Reminds me of the bedazzler 5. Does nothing to help lower back pain. 6. The nurse tech looks happy till the robot takes her job. 7. More job loss 8. Accident waiting to happen

  4. Maybe Vera won't cut me off at the last possible second in the left lane of a two lane highway then drive utterly slow as I turn off my cruise control to adjust down to 10 mph lower than I was going just so he can pass a vehicle that's traveling maybe 1 mph less than he was or fall asleep at the wheel or worse texting and nearly push my brand new vehicle into a cement median and leave it skinned up like a Tuna can on the side of the road and run like a F'g coward. Vera won't have an ego and power trip on the road cause it's bigger than other vehicles. I dunno but Vera sounds good to me.

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