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  2. Do you think that someone made your house, even though you have never seen them? The house is the evidence of the builder. Same with this universe. It had a beginning, therefore it had to have a cause. And that cause, is God. This universe could not have created itself.

    So do you think God cares about how we live? If He has given us morality so that we have set up a system of law with courts and judges, how much more would the supreme ruler of the universe demand justice?

    Have you ever lied, stolen the smallest thing or thought a rude thought? If these were the things God would judge us by, would He find us innocent or guilty? The answer? Guilty. Sinning against an infinite authority figure brings infinite punishment. Hell.

    So how can we stop going to hell? Does doing good deeds take away our sins? If I get a speeding ticket in the morning, then do 5 good things, should the judge let me go free? No, the fine has to be paid.

    What about asking for forgiveness? If a criminal stands before a judge and says, I'm really sorry… Should the judge let him go free? No, because that would be a bad judge. If he forgave every criminal because he loved them, that would not be doing justice. Justice has to be paid. God is merciful, but not so at the expense of justice.

    The only way we can go to heaven is if someone pays our hell punishment for us. Jesus lived a perfect sinless life and then took all of God's wrath for our sins upon Himself on the cross. Since Jesus paid 100% of our sins, there is none left for us to pay. Our punishment has been paid and we get off free. Justice has been paid and Gods mercy has been

    Our good deeds don't save us. Nor do they contribute anything to our salvation. Jesus paid it all. Just acknowledge your sins, and accept this gift of Jesus Christ to go to heaven.

    To learn more about God. Read the Bible. It's available free online. Read the gospel of John first.

  3. Welcome to the bible

    1: the angel council fell from heaven to earth and mated with the humans to create giants and corrupted giants then the huge flood came to wipe them all. that's why there was an Ark and that's why the unicorns are extinct 🙂 see its fun to use your brain

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