Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) [Official Lyric Video] – Hillsong Worship

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  1. Honestly,I was lost and I've been seriously depressed for two months n still couldn't get through 😭😢.Thank to our almighty God for he's been there all the time.. ❤️😊 whenever Im sad I listen to dis song n yes! I thank God for everything for I could come through my depression ❤️.Amen !! ❤️

  2. Lord, please have mercy on me. Touch me with your healing hands. I'm under self isolation because I have covid symptoms. Lord, cast all my anxietys that hinders me to breathe and think well during my quarantine. Lord, cover with your precious blood and I will be healed. I also pray for my parents who's with me in this times. Please give them strength and protection that they won't be infected. Lord, your greater than any virus or diseases. I trust in you my God, you're the best doctor we can have. Bless me oh God. I decree and declare that I will be healed in Jesus name Amen.

  3. Currently recovering from covid 19, I just want to thank god for healing me and my family and I know we will continue to get stronger in our faith and in health, God is good. Give your live to Jesus because he can do marvelous things. I pray that god touches anyone else affected or infected and I pray that the world turns from their wicked ways so that god can heal the earth, Shenica Bain

  4. God, thank You for allowing me to experience Your goodness every day. From the large things down to Your smallest creations, I’m constantly amazed by how I can see Your hand in every beautiful and pure aspect of life. As I step into each day, I ask that I will see You in all that I do. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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