AMAZING IDEA: Quantum | Klevgrand Rum, MPC Studio, Free plugin, and more

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  1. RE the $100+ keyboards… I have had a few of the popular 25 key midi controllers and really, find the knobs, pads and faders to be perhaps a bit overrated. I still tended to reach for my mouse and (computer) keyboard anyway, and played in drum parts on keys quite comfortably. I keep going back to my Korg MicroKEY Air I 37-key. Great key feel, rugged and really compact, with enough keys for a bit of 2-handed playing. Would love to see some of the latest 37-key controllers.

  2. Every link is giving me a "Are you sure you want to leave YouTube?" page, with no option to go to the page at all. Just a "Back to YouTube" button – that's it. Nothing else. YouTube managed to break using links. How self-obsessed do they have to be a Google to think the world can't possibly want to see anything on a site that isn't theirs?

  3. Hey Sanjay, I’ve got a suggested topic for you to cover that I think would pair perfectly with your next $100 Midi video… I imagine many of your viewers, myself included, only have Ableton Live Lite which comes free with our midi controllers; and one of the biggest limitations of this version is that we’re limited to only 8 tracks. However, by loading the Instrument Rack onto a track and using the Key zone editor you’re able to load up multiple instruments onto a single track and actually utilize more than 8 instruments in a song. This was a game changer for me and I have a feeling many others would benefit from knowing this hidden gem as well.

  4. I have the korg nanokey 2 and it's okay. The response on the keys is a bit soft but it's super super compact and fits in my bag nicely with my laptop so at the price point I really can't complain. If I had more space in my setup I'd get one with normal style keys and some more features, like the Akai MPK Mini, which looks great in all black

  5. Def need Arturia, NÍ, Akai, Novation and maybe M-Audio for a keyboard shoot-out. I’m really interested in your findings. It seems like if you are into a company ecosystem you might go that way. For example, I’ve got a GREAT Akai controller but as I am so into Arturia synths I’m thinking of buying their stuff. I think your beats are 🔥

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