Most Expensive Drinks in the World

Let’s take a big sip from the most expensive drinks in the world! Suggest a topic here to be turned into a video: Subscribe for more!


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  1. Never underestimate the power of marketing. Vodka is the most basic and easiest spirit to make, you can rummage through your fridge/pantry and get the ingredients. There is nothing special about it beyond the distillation, which is incredibly cheap compared to most other spirits.
    Used to work in a liquor store and we called it the "alcoholic's drink" because it was cheap and flavorless, designed specifically to get wasted ASAP on. The only thing it's good for is mixing, because it's so bland and flavorless that it doesn't interfere with the taste of the mixer. Yet call it "Diva" and put it in a shiny bottle and it sells for a 10000% markup. Smh…

    For reference, the 5x distilled "Eye of the Dragon" nonsense is sold as "Distilled to perfection". Platinum Vodka is 7x Distilled and sells for about $20 a handle…

  2. How the faux fur phuque is the average person making an average of 1.7 million their lifetime? I guess they are taking a salary of like 40k per year and multiplying it by 40 years of working straight outa college til retirement at 65. I just realize that yeah making it not saving it. But aint no way the average person makes 40k a year straight outa school with no break or times of un employment. Bruh if you take the mean of everyones yearly pay it is probably low asf think of how many 0's you would have to add into the equation and still have to add them into the total to be divided. I just realized i thought i had something to really rant about but nearing the end of this memoir i have regretted beginning this endeavor about a topic created from a crack hit that no one will give a fuque about or care to read this through to relate to and understand why this was enough to put out there like hey who else thinks this. Oh no one cool so do i cut horizontal or vertically on my wrists. Blood runs thin in a colder suicide ice bath than it does if i were to fancy dying in a hit tub true? Well I'm concerned my penis will enter rigor mortise quite small or even retracting into my pelvis. Nah i should just not even trip or try to front the embarrassment and just stay alive. Thanks for talking me out of suicide guys. Its 530 am i gotta do work a double in 4 hours.. well less than that. I should've slept instead of practicing my typing with thumbs on my phone. Still have to use auto correct. Shows how much progress I've had huh. Im cool making an earnest 400k my whole life and not 1.7 million. But im only 35 you know i could still get my life together and strive to be average and shoot for a 40k a year career and leave the get a new job every new president kind of life. Man tempting. Naw cuz I'll have to learn more life hacks and to give a fuck especially.. nah yeah im pretty content with my life being in shambles. Hey cool story yeah great talk. Why am i wasting my time commenting wheni could be watchjng anew

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