INSTANT POLICE KARMA, Drivers Busted by Police, Brake Check & Road Rage 2019-2020 #12

BRAKE CHECK GONE WRONG (Insurance Scam), Cut offs, Instant Karma & Road Rage 2020 #1 Contact for credits / copyright : …



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  1. I have been in a situation where people in Winchester drive like a maniac, litterly A ADULT THOUGHT HE DIDNT CARE ABOUT CRASHING INTO ME AND HE DIDNT SEEM TO CARE WE WE AT A HIGHWAY HEADING HONE AND HE JUST WENT ON US. please be careful out there guys, drive safe please.

  2. 4:45 idiot in blue car didnt move over and give the officer room to prevent hitting the officer trying to get out and do his/her job on the side of the road ……….doesnt matter if the officer was going to get out on the side of the divider… still move over its the law… least here we obey them.

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