3.5+ HOUR LONG EPISODE! PIZZA FUND ONLY. $12 LEVEL AND UP –] ​@The Dick Show, @Revenge Of The Cis, Ethan Ralph, …



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  1. I haven’t been on youtube in like a year. I use to be a nightwave mod until Hollywood sperged out on me one night (probably withdrawing) I’m not sure what happened between you two but I fucking love it and you know have a new pizza fund member. You’re funny as shit and thanks for exposing this old man.

  2. Mersh used to follow me. I once said a woman that named her son Vagina might as well have named him Future School Shooter. I also once said CRP makes content for Future School Shooters. I'm not even funny but that didn't stop Mooch from using my joke and then bragging about Gunt retweeting him. He really is the Opie of the two.

  3. But wait you weren't kidding about had people dm you for info and tickets. That wasn't a bit. Some guys actually privately posted that you did set them up the tickets. You should own it if you are such an amazing troll. You were afraid to go. Not just because of Mersh, but more of Dick Masterson. With as much respect as can be mustered, you should own your shit if you are such a boss.

  4. Hey Jesse, thank you so much for your 30 mins of obsessing over and cucking to Mersh- obviously you have recognized and understood your place in the pecking order – this I find very refreshing and inspirational. – keep the contents coming and I may listen in more often. From Germany with love.

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